Ultra immersive 4D VR Attraction

Des expériences de divertissement inédites pour le grand public et les entreprises

Innovant - Intégrable - Rentable


Multiplayer VR game room with synchronised physical effects
for a totally immersive experience


Physical effects without consumables: wind simulator and vibrating floor


Total freedom: No wires nor backpacks


35 to 60 m² modular


Single Pod & Multiplayer Room simultaneously


1 to 6 players simultaneously


Study - Installation - Training - Support - Updating

Welcome to our 4DVR Plug & Play playroom.

An exclusive system for multiplayer VR gaming experiences enhanced by synchronised real physical effects.

Hyper-reality VR is an advanced form of immersive experience that aims to create a highly realistic simulation. This device allows for complex and highly entertaining immersive scenarios.

4DVR, or 4-dimensional virtual reality, is a technological advance that allows gamers to have even more immersive and realistic experiences.

While traditional virtual reality focuses on 360-degree visualization of an environment, 4DVR adds synchronized physical sensations to the scenes and actions of the game.

Our Roomscape 4D arcade is a turn-key, embeddable product designed for professional indoor entertainment for the general public and corporate clients.

Our device delivers a multi-sensory VR entertainment experience that is highly innovative and attractive.


Creation and installation of your custom room according to your space and operating strategy

Our custom VR gaming rooms are designed for operators who want to offer a unique immersive experience to their customers, while adapting to the space available on site and specific operational criteria: level of immersion and interaction, solo or group play and the ability for players to collaborate

Single player pods

Multiplayer room

The dimensions of our VR game rooms are variable and guarantee that players can move around freely and fully enjoy the gaming experience: 9m² for an individual gaming compartment in a Pod, and from 30 to 110m² for a Room for 2 to 6 simultaneous players for collaborative gaming experiences. 


4DVR game session control software

The management of our gaming rooms is facilitated by our Game Master VR operating software, tailor-made to meet the needs of operators, optimise the operation of their facilities and increase player satisfaction.


We use Free Roaming VR technology, an immersive device that allows players to move freely in a virtual environment, in real-time, without wires, backpacks or fixed tracking devices. 

Our equipment is lightweight and compact. Our cutting-edge VR technology allows players to enjoy an ultra-immersive, comfortable free-roaming experience, communicate and interact with each other and the virtual objects and environments in the game. 

Free roaming VR experiences require real-time data transmission, with high-definition images, accurate motion and minimal latency. Featuring Wifi 6e technology, which provides faster, more stable and more reliable connectivity, our system allows gamers to enjoy a smooth, immersive experience without lag or slowdown. Wifi 6E also allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously, which is ideal for multiplayer VR experiences.

Product Preview
Casque VR Vive Focus 3

High-resolution screen and 3D audio spatialisation

Full body motion tracking

In-game motion tracking to control your avatar as if it were your own body

Wireless device

6E Wifi Streaming for wireless, backpack-free multiplayer experiences

Automatic calibration

Sizing of each avatar according to the morphology of each player

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