The sequel to our flagship collaborative VR game, halfway between Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider

Jumpers Revenge takes place in a giant steampunk universe that gives the illusion of infinity. Players once again take on the role of agents of Unravel Corp, a secret corporation specialising in unexplained phenomena. Their mission: survive, cooperate to escape, and sabotage the agency.

Jumpers Revenge is a race against the clock, a collaborative puzzle and escape game for 2 to 4 players. 

In this adventure, players must use their brains, agility, mutual aid and curiosity to find clues, interact with objects, solve puzzles, avoid traps and explore vast, mysterious worlds where danger lurks around every corner.


Playing space requirements
(in metres)

Free-Roam 8x5 / Pod


2 to 4 players


50 minutes


Shooter / Escape room


English - French

Minimum age

14 years old



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