Playing space requirements
(in metres)

Free-Roam 6x6 / Pod


2 to 4 players


45 minutes


Shooter / Zombie


French - English - German

Minimum age

14 years old



A Co-op Survival-Horror

Collaborative shooting game in Zombies VR mode with ultra-realistic graphics for a guaranteed immersion in an apocalyptic New York City 

Since the outbreak, New York City has been turned into an isolated quarantine zone. Following a distress call from deep within the quarantine zone, players must try to return and rescue the missing research team before the entire city is bombed.

Sensitive souls, please refrain. This experience is only for the bravest ones. Stay strong and run fast. 


A shooting game with puzzles. The objective is to solve challenges under pressure, while making sure you are not caught by a zombie.

Collaborative adventure

Players will have to help each other to survive.

Waves mode

Players will have to battle endless zombie hordes. Wave mode brings new enemies, maps, weapons and bonuses. Improve your score on a global leaderboard.

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